Day 15, August 8th: North America!

Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2eq): 2,158 kilos
Sigurðar saga fóts: 97/252

Wow, I’m in North America! And not just because I’m in Western Iceland! From my window here in Toronto I can see this big pointy flashing spacy red tower, and a big train line, and lots of tall buildings, and a lake. And lots of cars. It definitely doesn’t look like home.

I’m too tired for any elaborate reflections on this. I was a bit stressed about border controls, being used to travelling in the EU/EEA. But the border people were very friendly.

JFK airport (where I changed flights) has birds living in it! And they were, like, birds that I’ve never seen before! (Not that I know anything about birds. But still.) And I had a nice chat with two roleplayers who came and sat next to me. And an odd chat with an aged Islamophobic conspiracy theorist.

Figuring that I should buy something that I wouldn’t find at home, I pointed to some unfamiliar round bun looking things with cheese in, thinking that they looked okay, and said, ‘Can I have one of those round things please?’ And the lady said ‘An English Muffin’. Fair enough…

Overhead lockers are called bins. Who knew?

AND CHECK OUT THE SIGURÐAR SAGA FÓTS SCORE! The carbon footprint figure is what the airline has told me: I’m going to look at the details, maybe amend them, and post on that later.


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