Day 36, August 30th: bye internet! Hello train!

Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2eq): 2,335 kilos
Sigurðar saga fóts: 175/252

Dear Internet,

I’m getting on a train now to head west! Viarail say they won’t let you come with me. (Unless I go to Montreal, but alas! Montreal is in the wrong direction.) I will be gone for some days. And when I get to the west, I don’t know if you will be there either. Or, at least, if the people there will let me see you without paying. Well, at least until I get to Victoria. I have every reason to think that in Victoria the people are lovely, liberal, carbon-taxing types who will no doubt be glad to let me hang out with you. But many days lie between me and the Pacific coast.

I’ll write again as soon as I can and I’m sure I’ll have lots of amazing adventures to tell you about. I’ll miss you!

I’ll miss Toronto too. I’d be more lyrical about it, but I’m in a hurry because the train’s leaving soon. But here, at least, is a quick testimony to the good things about Toronto (and it’s also a sort of shoutout to the Leeds Old Norse reading group—hey dudes!)




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