Days 40–49, September 3rd–12th: the Rocky Mountains (3)

Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2eq): 2,335 kilos (still working on it…)
Sigurðar saga fóts: 212/252

Oh yeah! I forgot to say!


I was in Banff, right, standing on a corner waiting for my motley companions to emerge from the offy, when along the road walks this MOUNTIE! With, like, a HAT and everything! Well, no horse, and no deaf white wolfdog, but still, he was totally a mountie, and he didn’t even look hot even though it was roasting. And he gets halfway across the zebra crossing, right, and looks down at the car that he’s walking in front of, and stops. Not abruptly, like, but politely and firmly. And then, straight-backed, hands behind his back, he bends from the waist down to the car window and politely-but-firmly explains that here in the province of Alberta, it’s obligatory to do up your seat belt in the car.

The driver mutters something sheepishly and, struck by an evident awe of this representative of rightwise thinking, hastily belts in.

‘That’s all right, sir’, says the mountie firmly, and straightens up. ‘Have a good day now.’ And he walks on across the zebra crossing, nods firmly-but-politely as he passes me (also struck with awe), and on down the street.



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