Why I’m standing to represent Gipton and Harehills, with the Green Party

So, the 2021 Leeds City Council elections are coming up (6 May!), and I’m the Leeds Green Party candidate for Gipton and Harehills.

Alaric with other Green Party members campaigning.
I’m the beardy one in the stripy jumper

I’ve been an active member of the Leeds community for the last decade. I’ve chaired the St Luke’s Tenants and Residents Association, liaising with the Council to lobby for residents and organise community gardening, kids’ fundays, and litterpicks. I’m a school governor and I volunteer to support disadvantaged children. I am also a busy trade unionist.

As a councillor, I’d take this work to the next level, providing a strong, independent voice for this ward.

Labour have failed to come to grips with poor housing and landlords in Harehills: the selective licensing scheme introduced in 2019 managed to be both controversial and still so far to have little to show for itself.

Meanwhile, people’s lives are cut short by illegal levels of polluted air, yet the Council have failed to offer the bold changes to transport we need to make Leeds fit for the twenty-first century.

The Green Party can offer a badly needed critical perspective in Gipton and Harehills, and bring new ideas to the table. Yet we also understand how to work collaboratively, helping our community come together for the common good. We came second in the last election here: help us make our way to first!

For more about me and my views, see:

Promoted by Alaric Hall, Central & Outer Leeds Green Party, c/o Quinn Daley, Flat 35, 3 Whitehall Quay, LS1 4BU, on behalf of Leeds Green Party.


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2 Responses to Why I’m standing to represent Gipton and Harehills, with the Green Party

  1. Craig says:

    I lived in Harehills not so long ago, the house was infested with rats! (Though we didn’t find out until afterwards) There’s no scrutiny at all when it comes to landlords. We viewed another house in Harehills and it too was infested with rats and the floors were collapsing in places. I find it absolutely incredible that landlords are able to let houses in that condition? To be honest, when it comes to policy, there’s not a lot i don’t agree with the Green’s on, they seem to be the only ones taking these issues seriously? Also they support proper Yorkshire devolution. After decades of neglect by Westminster that have always leaned towards a city of London finance model, devolution is the only real choice Yorkshire has left

    • alarichall says:

      Apologies for not approving this post and replying sooner, Craig! I wasn’t keeping my eye on the blog. Thanks for the comments: I think it’s right that people may not agree with the full Green policy platform but nonetheless recognise that we can push to get things done locally that other parties can’t/won’t do.

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