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What’s the lowest-carbon way to get between the UK and Iceland?

As most people know by now, air-travel is really bad for the environment. So land-travel is, environmentally, almost invariably the best way to get between Britain and continental Europe. With the help of the invaluable advice of the man in … Continue reading

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Why I’m standing to represent Beeston and Holbeck, with the Green Party

On 2 May 2019 I’m standing for election to Leeds City Council as the Green Party candidate for Beeston and Holbeck. For the avoidance of confusion: in 2018 I stood alongside the amazing Ed Carlisle for the next-door ward, Hunslet … Continue reading

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A vegan’s food diary

Since it’s Veganuary, I thought it’d be interesting, as a long-standing vegan, to do a food-diary, and just in case it provides a useful perspective for anyone else, I thought I’d share it here. I more or less became a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the ‘managed sex-work zone’ in Holbeck

Since I first stood to become a Green councillor for Leeds City Council, I’ve frequently been asked about the ‘Managed Zone’ (MZ), which is (to cut a longer story short) one of the UK’s first decriminalised sex-work areas. (If you’re … Continue reading

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Why am I standing to represent Hunslet and Riverside? (Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and Leeds City Centre)

So, parties are naming their candidates for the May Leeds City Council elections. These will be quite a big deal this year because the areas that councillors represent (called ‘wards’) have changed. This means this year’s Council elections are ‘all … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

Today is the UK’s One Day Without Us, a day in celebration of migrants in the UK. Virtually everyone who’s been a migrant has found themselves reliant on the kindness of strangers at one point or another. Today, I invite … Continue reading

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Why am I a medievalist?

Racism and medievalism The recent swell of publicly expressed racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other forms of prejudice in western democracies has led to redoubled calls for professional students of the Middle Ages to address the role medieval history has in … Continue reading

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