Day 16, August 9th: pilgrimage to the Dictionary of Old English

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I guess it’s time I posted about some actual tourism rather than just waffling about the anthropology of applause. On my first day in Toronto, I went to the Royal Ontario Museum, but I also went to the DICTIONARY OF OLD ENGLISH!

Never heard of the Toronto Dictionary of Old English? Never fear! The editor is very keen that you should watch her new promo video…

Well, I knew all that already of course. But it was cool to go and see the DOE happening in real life:

Robarts library

The Robarts library: a peacock, as envisioned by Darth Vader

Dictionary of Old English corridor

Death Star, level 10. DAAA DAAA DAAA Da DaDA! Da DaDA!

DOE sign

Spirit must be the firmer, heart the fiercer, courage must be the greater, as our strength diminishes

DOE office

At the fierce heart of the DOE

DOE entries in a drawer

Don't worry: when the apocalypse comes and the Internet turns to dust, the DOE will still be out there in hard copy, in a thousand filing cabinet drawers

DOE origami

Yes, it's made of DOE citations...


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5 Responses to Day 16, August 9th: pilgrimage to the Dictionary of Old English

  1. Ronen says:

    Alaric, when you’re back I need to talk to you about the difference between “real tourism” and going to see a dictionary 😛

  2. wickedday says:

    The origami star. THE ORIGAMI STAR.

    I need to learn how to make one of those, stat. It’s a beautiful photograph, too.

  3. Nah man, I totally rate the DOE as a tourist destination. 😉 Cute vid, but quite atrocious script though.

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